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About Mintroute

Mintroute is like your own warehouse of digital products.

We have a simple, secure on demand service available to any retailer who wants access to the growing market for digital products, giving you the competitive edge to leverage the growth of e-commerce.

For the issuers of digital products we offer an amazing “point of sales” network in MENA where your customers can buy your products over the counter and pay with cash!

Transactions are done on demand and recorded in real time with both the issuer and the seller.

Delivery, reconciliation, collection and settlement is all managed by Mintroute for maximum efficiency of product delivery and cash flow.

Our Service Partners

Drive Customers Traffic

We help retailers to create a convenient, one-stop prepaid destination for their customers while increasing revenue and profits.

Extensive Product Portfolio

We offer retailers a products portfolio that covers hundreds of digital products such as; games e-pins, international calling cards, mobile airtime, payment cards and much more.

Category Management

We help retailers build their digital business through a variety of channels; including: in-store, online, via mobile and on social sites. Our services include everything from research-backed recommendations to creating a consumer-friendly shopping experience.

Multiple Integration Options

We offer retailers a wide range of integration possibilities; including: a stand-alone web based POS solution and server-to-server API integration. In addition, our IT support team can help retailers with integration into their existing POS or product systems.

Merchandising & Promotions

We work closely with retailers to plan and execute concepts ranging from targeted launch campaigns to new user acquisition activities to direct marketing initiatives all using multiple marketing channels, such as: online, in-store, traditional and social media.

Risk Free Market Entry

By guaranteeing funds flow in any currency the merchant wish; while customers can pay in their local currency, and consolidating settlement & reconciliation to minimise errors and maximise time efficiency, Mintroute eliminates any risk associated with entering a new market.

Large Distribution Network

With thousands of retailers and point of sales all across the Middle East, accessibility from ATMs, kiosks, mobile channels, online portals and extended hours terminal-based outlets. Our network is designed to deliver complete coverage of our merchants digital products to their consumer base.

Merchandising & Promotions

Mintroute understands the importance of merchandising and promotions in keeping our merchants products relevant and in increasing their market share. So we use our experience and professionally coordinated initiatives with our retail partners to integrate online and in-store marketing programs to improve sales and create brand awareness for our merchants.

Account Management

Our experienced product management team oversees all of merchants needs and works with them to get their content and products the front of retailers and consumers minds.

Research & Market Reports

Many years of practical experience on location has given us in-depth knowledge of the Middle East market needs and trends which we can actively use to support our partners wishing to enter our increase their sales in the Middle East.

Electronic Vouchers Delivery

Allowing virtual products to be activated and delivered in real time in a digital form in response to a request made by a retailer through an API connection or through the Mintroute web-interface.

International Mobile Top-Up

Allowing the real-time pin-less recharge of prepaid mobile numbers worldwide.

White Labeled Payment Cards

Allowing brands and service providers to create their own prepaid products by providing turnkey, end-to-end services and solutions, from planning to concept and card design to placing finished products at their destinations.

Pay-In Transaction Processing.

Allowing customers in the Middle East to make cash and/or electronic payments in retail stores either to credit an e-wallet, settle a bill, fund an online account, or pay for an online purchase.

About Mintroute

Robust, Flexible & Fully Secured.
Prepaid Distribution Solutions

Mintroute leverage innovative technology to create a solid and efficient digital distribution platform giving retailers the competitive edge needed to expand their digital business, and offering merchants and content providers a risk free entry to the rapidly growing markets of the Middle East.

We have developed a robust, state-of-the-art platform for issuance and processing, settlement and acquisition, as well as tools for managing purchases and top-up or reload transactions. And our API’s support transactions through POS terminals, integrated point of sale systems, ATM’s, web and mobile channels.

Our Technology

Robust, Flexible & Fully Secured.

Point of Sale Activation

Allowing virtual products to be packed as physical card and made available in retail outlets. These physical cards will have no value until it’s sold and activated at the checkout minimising the risk of theft or fraud.

Print ePIN

Allowing virtual products to be activated and delivered in real time in a digital form in response to a request made by a retailer through an API connection or through the Mintroute web-interface.

Bulk Delivery

Allowing virtual products to be generated and activated in large amount and delivered to retailers through secured files.